Experiencing firsthand how a bicycle city works can be a valuable lesson for anyone concerned with traffic, bicycling, urban design, sustainability, etc.

Fietsersbond Amsterdam (the Cyclists’ Union in Amsterdam) organizes excursions about bicycling. The excursions offer a range of information about what it takes to turn a city into a bicycle friendly environment and allow you to profit from Fietsersbond’s extensive expertise in design and policy for bicycling.
Along the way you will find out about:

  • Bicycle facilities: what they do and how they came to be
  • Traffic policy: past, present and future
  • Finding space and money for bicycle facilities
  • Trouble spots that have no easy solutions
  • New challenges
  • Road safety, city planning, traffic design
  • And more

The excursions are aimed at professionals and students in the fields of urban transport, city planning, sustainability, public health, etc.
Professional bicycle planners with wide experience in Amsterdam will show you around and explain.

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Fietsersbond has more than 35 years of experience in paving the way for bicycling. Extensive knowledge of good design and bicycle friendly policy and expertise in working together to get things done and, are what most of all explain Fietsersbond’s part in the bicycle’s success in Amsterdam.




The bicycle excursions are staged by the Fietsersbond’s Projektburo. This organisation develops and executes projects in cooperation with Fietsersbond proper such as signposting for cyclists and the creation of our famous bicycle maps.


Some of the organizations we staged excursions for: